A New Brand Is Born

-Ceci n'est pas une Digital Marketer-


Brenda's Personal Brand


Digital Marketing

Graphic Design



As I continued my career in digital marketing, I learned that having a personal brand it was the best way to put myself out there and let the world know about my values, passions, contributions… and basically, who I am as a person and a professional.

Process & Strategy

Philosophical Journey

The process of branding was interesting because it made me analyze who I am as a person. I listed the things I enjoy and dislike. I thought about my personal values, my personality, my roots, people that have influenced me… everything that built the person I am today.

I went through my closet, bookshelves, movies, and music. I wanted to fully understand who I was before I made it "official."

I found out I have a very curious personality because I'm always learning and trying new things, I love art, I'd spend my life traveling if I could, I have different playlists depending on my mood, I adore Tim Burton's work because of how he sees the world, I prefer strategy video games, and I like strange and unusual things… I could go on, but you get the point…

Once I had a stablished who "Brenda" was, I had to start drawing (hence the doodles) and putting together all these pieces to create my personal brand.


I wanted a simple logo that would state who I am: Brenda Gaytan

Most people believe that black and gray are depressing and sad. I disagree. I chose these colors because they calm me and are also clean, simple, mature, and classy. This does not mean I have a boring personality; I like things to be clear and simple for everyone to understand… they are also the colors of more than half of my wardrobe…

Since I like writing and doodling, I had to find a way to include that in my brand – I have always been told I have a cartoonish handwriting, so I also included it because coworkers and friend can easily tell it's mine.


We have to adapt to new technologies, and going digital was the only way to get my work out there and connect with people. I do Digital Marketing, so I had to start with my own brand before I could do the same with companies. It is also a way to keep up with trends and understand new markets.

The Ongoing Creation of Brenda